Retirement Planning

I met my clients Mr & Mrs X to arrange their investments shortly following their early retirement. They particularly wanted to keep some capital back to cover the shortfall in income they would suffer before their state pensions kicked in, but also wanted to protect some capital in case stock markets fell.

They were also concerned about Inheritance Tax and the potential impact that Long Term Care could have on the value of their estate and what they could leave to their two children. We arranged suitable investments for the clients to protect capital, utilize ISA allowances and change existing investments to match their attitude to risk. We also amended their wills and included trusts to protect assets after death.

Sadly Mrs X passed away very suddenly and the planning came into effect a lot sooner than we all would have liked, but because of the planning put in place we have secured assets in trust which are protected against both Inheritance Tax and the Local Authority should Mr X require Long Term Care in the future.

Whilst we cannot control what life has in store for us we can plan for all eventualities, even those ones we don’t want.