Case Studies

Retirement Planning

Retirement PlanningI met my clients Mr & Mrs X to arrange their investments shortly following their early retirement. They particularly wanted to keep some capital back to cover the shortfall in income they would suffer before their state pensions kicked in, but also wanted to protect some capital in case stock markets fell. They were […]

Pension Scheme Benefit

Pension Scheme BenefitA client was looking at their defined benefit pension scheme, as they did not know whether to take the scheme or as they didn’t not rely on this income in retirement, whether to look at inheritance tax planning and passing the pension through to his children. We obtained a transfer value from the […]

Pension Issues

Pension IssuesI had dealt with one of my clients for a long time, when she asked me to start looking after her parents. Unfortunately, her father was very ill and passed away soon after her mother inherited his pension. This happened around 6 months before pensions freedom. By delaying any benefits from the pension plan […]